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Doctor Who: Sometimes It's Just More Than Lying There

Title: Sometimes It's More Than Just Lying There.
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Lucy (Master/Lucy)
Notes: Written not that long ago but I haven't put it up til now because I fail and tend to update in bulk.

Sometimes she thinks she ought to be upset at him. It isn't very often and when it is the feeling is more a fleeting thought within the night rather then a true and proper idea but it's still there on occasion, sitting in the back of her mind and whispering to her when no one else can hear.

Sometimes she tries. She watches him, the way he walks among humans ('Us', she has to remind herself on those days, because when you're so high sometimes it's hard to see where you came from) and just smiles. It's confident, seductive and so triumphant even when no one knows his name.

Sometimes she thinks she ought to love him. It's usually within those same nights, the nights where she can't sleep, where voices tug at her mind, pulling her one way and then the other until she can't quite make out what's what anymore. Not that she'd been able to for a while now. The world grows fuzzy at the edges these days and the only thing that shines clear are the stars.

Sometimes she tries. It's easier when they're alone, when the public can't see them. When they're out it isn't love at all, it's this wonderfully high feeling, this addictive energy that overwhelms her, makes everything shine a little brighter and she knows this can't be love. Love is when they're alone and she can wake up and see him there, it's when she realizes that she shouldn't be in this bed at all and yet she is. It's soft, dark and so very strange. There's no sense to it and that is how she knows it to be love.

Sometimes she doesn't sleep because her mind is moving too fast. Sometimes she forgets the meaning of words and sometimes they've never been more clear. Sometimes she looks at the man next to her and feels a rage that leaves her hands shaking. Sometimes that very man will look at her with mad eyes, eyes that make her own emotions seem so small and childish, no matter how big they are and sometime she lays back down and smiles.

And then sometimes she just sleeps.


DEN: Lamp

August 2008



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