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Dr. Horrible and his epic chair

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: Untitled

Title: Untitled
Rating: G
Pairing/Characters: Billy(Dr. Horrible)
Notes: This is me figuring out how I write this character. I'm....Not sure how i feel about it. I need to play with him more.

Billy wakes up and he doesn't know what time it is. Trying to blink the sleep away from his eyes, he gropes around his nightstand, feeling around for the small alarm clock before eying it as if it has just something terrible.

Setting it down again, he pushes himself upright, looking down at the clothes he doesn't remember putting on the night before and tries to think of what he needs to do that day.


Dr. Horrible is working.

He's got something on his mind, something good, something brilliant. It's the sort of thing that gets one known, gets them into the papers and respect and more than that, fear.

He can use fear, people listen to you more when they're afraid you're going to transport them to the Canadian wilderness with the flip of a switch if they don't.

He sits down and starts the camera.


Billy needs to do laundry, it's starting to take over the rest of his room and you can't make a difference in the world if your pants have all decided to rebel against you.

The laundromat is empty when he goes in. It all right though, he likes it that way.

But then she walks while he was in the middle of doing his whites and he finds himself inching towards the door.

He didn't do his laundry there for two months but he still passes by every day until he learned her schedule.


Dr. Horrible has read over his application four times already.


No, it wasn't good. It was better than that.


He picks up the letter that the deputy mayor had given and smiles proudly. Oh, they couldn't say no, not this time.

Somewhere though, he feels a twinge of doubt in his mind.

The application is sent out that afternoon.


Billy occasionally wakes up with headaches.

They're not terrible, just the dull ache of something that had, at one point, probably been worse. There's Aspirin close by, sometimes bandages when he finds that it's more than just a headache that's plaguing him.

His shoulder hurt too and he makes it a point to not do any heavy lifting that day.


Dr. Horrible is standing in front of the mirror and laughing. It's taken him a while but he's almost settled on something, on a laugh that he might like to keep.

He has an appointment with his vocal coach later that day, he'll ask her what she thinks of it.

Moist knocks on the door, asks how long he's going to be in there but gives up when he starts hearing the laughter erupting from behind the door.


Billy has fallen into a system. It's a good system, actually, a reliable one.

1. Get there ten minutes before she does.

2. Walk one block passed the laundromat and then wait for her to come in.

3. Go in ten to twelve minutes after her.

4. Try and say something.

Well, it's going to be a good system if he can ever get himself to follow through with all of it.


Dr. Horrible is sitting in front of the camera, almost ready to turn it on.

He hesitates though, just for a moment, but it passes and he begins to laugh manically as he starts to film his blog for the day.


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August 2008



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